Kahala Brands

Kahala Brands is a large corporation that creates and manages quick service restaurant franchises (some of their brands include Cold Stone Creamery and Blimpie). They have over 26 franchises and are obtaining new ones frequently.


Lead Designer


Kahala Brands


For their logo redesign I was inspired by the way the employees were describing Kahala as "a wave pushing brands across the world." So I decided to try to represent that concept with their new logo.


Part of the re-branding project also included working with the outdoor signage designer to determine which colors would be closest to the brand and how the logo would best fit on the building's unique architecture. The sign also lights up at night.


I chose a new color palette that expanded upon the original colors of blue and white. The blue was adjusted to be more modern and additional colors were added to create some more diverse options when designing in different use cases.


I was also able to choose new fonts for headlines, logo, and paragraphs. These were also chosen to create a more modern yet timeless look.

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