The Original Frozen Yogurt That Reignited The Category


My Role:
Lead Designer


Kahala Brands

Pinkberry is a franchise of frozen dessert restaurants with over 260 stores in 20+ countries. I was chosen as lead designer to do a full redesign of the website. There were many things that needed to be addressed from the existing website (ie. not responsive, not efficient for updating, inconsistent branding, confusing to the user, slow load-times - to name a few).

One of the features I concepted and implemented was adding a sorter to the large selection of flavors. This way users could intuitively and easily click to sort out options like tart, nontart, dairy-free, and Pinkbee's®. I was inspired by an old version of my portfolio website that sorted between print, web, etc (a common usage of this code, but I had not seen another frozen treat or food brand using this).

I also created a clear call-out to show users that flavor selections vary by store location and a link to the store locator. On this version I worked with the developers to implement a new locator setup which would clearly include flavors. Franchisees could log into their portal and update the current flavors at their store themselves and it would show up on their store page in the locator, so having a clear solution provided in the call-out was important.


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